Three Hours

A set period of time. When the clock runs out the painting is finished. Three hours until the last stroke. Every single painting in this collection was completed under this strict constraint and over a period of years a remarkable body of work was created by Bruce Wolfe. Oil on gesso over masonite.

There are few artists alive today who could produce such accomplished work in a scant three hours. Beautiful, accurate, well-designed pieces, alive with confident brush work.

Scott Johnson, Current facilitator of the Tuesday Night Figure Study Group

This process is about trust, believing that whatever you see will be enough at the particular moment.

Bruce Wolfe, Artist

Bruce Wolfe the artist is absolutely a man out of his time, which is probably the sixteenth or seventeenth century. In the way he pursues his craft, he would be at home in the Amsterdam of Rembrandt or the Florence of Leonardo.

Dugald Stermer, Illustrator and Professor of Illustration at California College of the Arts