Monumental Sculpture

Bruce Wolfe’s bronze sculptures are featured in a variety of venues across America, including major sports stadiums, airports, civic plazas, universities and houses of worship. These larger than life pieces are all made “The Old Way” – molded in clay, with one’s own bare hands. The hand crafted nature of a Wolfe Bronze translates to a truly artisan feel for each piece and a remarkable resemblance to the subject of the work.

Bruce, wonderful job. On behalf of myself, my family and the Pengiun ownership. I’m sure the fans will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Great job.

Mario Lemieux, Hockey Legend, Pittsburgh Penguins

I looked at it very closely and I was very close to it and it looked exactly like Lamar Hunt.

Len Dawson, Hall of Fame Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Interactive Book by Roger Arvid Anderson

Check out this wonderful interactive book called The Substance of Spirit by Roger Arvind Anderson which chronicles almost 20 years of Bruce Wolfe’s sculptures at the foundry. It’s a magical 152 page work of passion by Mr. Anderson that is full of beautiful photography and tells the story of how wet clay turns into hardened bronze. Click through the full book below. Thank you Roger!!!