Gavin Newsom

In June 2018, the Mayor Gavin Newsom bust was unveiled at San Francisco’s City Hall. Mr. Wolfe’s work captures Newsom’s signature look of combed back hair and open-collared button down shirt. The bust was positioned in the 2nd floor gallery, just outside the doors of the office of the Mayor, joining Diane Feinstein, Willie Brown and George Moscone.

Clint Eastwood

In April 2018, Bruce Wolfe released a bronze bust of one of his favorite big screen heroes, film legend Clint Eastwood. The work was produced for Mr. Wolfe’s private collection and is available on a limited edition basis. Price available upon request.

Dr. Richard Steadman

Dr. Richard Steadman is a world renowned Orthopedic Surgeon in Vail Colorado who pioneered advanced knee reconstruction surgeries that had a profound impact on the lives of everyday people, athletes and professional sports. His bust was unveiled at the Vail Valley Medical Center on December 3, 2016.

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Creating Life From Clay

Giving life to wet clay and capturing the essence the subject is a painstaking process in the art of bronze bust sculpture. The elements of temperature and humidity fight the artist every step of the way, as home made tools twist through specially ordered clay with secret recipes. A keen eye for detail and a never ending quest for perfection haunt the artist until at last, the work is complete.

Hall of Fame Worthy Bronze Portraits

Hall of Fame induction ceremonies recognize remarkable athletic careers and commemorative portraits in bronze cement the individual athletes in the pantheon of fellow award winners. Bruce’s Wolfe’s bronze bust pieces celebrate an athletes likeness like no other sculptor, featuring both the physical details and the essence of the subject, creating an epic likeness worthy of the celebration.

Bruce Wolfe has mastered the art of the glance, gesture and expression for utmost believability.

Viktor Germogenov, Blogger